The evaluation- and programme committee's mandate

The evaluation- and program committee is formed to better the students’ profits of learning and to enhance the coordination and connection in and between the programs at the Department of health management and health economics.

The committee is an advisory organ which adjusts and gives advice to the dean. The committee meets once a year, and when desired. The committee has a responsible position on the following points; however is in a position to delegate responsibilities to announced persons when it is sufficient:


The make-up of the committee:

  1. One leader of the committee (head of programme- BA , HEPMA or EU-hem)
  2. Four representatives from the Department  (representing the disciplines)
  3. Three student representatives (one from each program)
  4. Three student advisors (one from each program).


The Committee is announced by the dean. The representatives apart from the students are announced for four years. The students are announced for one year. No representative can sit for more than one period at the time.

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