The Department’s funding of activities induced by students at the bachelor- and the International master programme

The Department allocates a yearly budget for supporting or subsidizing student induced activities. The purpose is to encourage activities that benefit the common good for the students at the Department or the Department in general, and which would not likely take place without financial support.

How to apply?

The applications should fall within one of the following two categories:

  1. Invited guest lecturers
  2. Financial support to conference, seminar, workshop attendance - both national and international

The content of the application

The application should contain information about expected learning outcome or relevance, and a budget (travel costs, salary (for guest lecturers), fees, etc.). Student should attach a recommendation from their supervisor or other faculty members.

The Evaluation- and programme committee has outlined the guidelines of priorities for applications. The committee will give priority to applications in the following order:

  1. Activities which would in general benefit the community at the Department of Health Management and Health Economics.
  2. Students who will present a paper at an international conference (the paper must be accepted beforehand).
  3. Students who can document the relevance of the conference for their thesis work.
  4. Other applications.

Application deadlines

For applications comprising more than one person: 15 March/15 October.

Individual applications of less than 1000 NOK. : running applications

Grant limitation and terms

The total grant to be distributed is based on the allocated fund by the Department of Health Management and Health Economics and would vary each year.

A short report on the activity, together with documentation of expenses, must be sent from the applicant no later than one month after the activity has taken place.


Where to send the Application?

The application with attachments is sent to:







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