Research and Health policy in China

Back in his own country Yinhe Li has found a position as a young researcher in Health Policy

Yinhe Li

  • International student from China
  • Master candidate in Health Economics, Policy and Management
  • Year of graduation: spring 2008
  • Occupation: Researcher of Health Policy in Beijing Academy of Science and Technology, China

What do you do in your current job?

There are two main tasks for me in my current job. My main task is to participate in some Health Policy research which is specifically targeted at solving the challenges faced by Beijing city government in the way of Health System Reform. And my second task is to manage some Medical Research Projects sponsored by the Beijing city government

How did you get the job?

Through some Chinese famous Job-hunting websites, such as “” “” and “”, I got the chance to be interviewed by the director of Health Policy Research Department in Beijing Academy of Science and Technology. And I was quite lucky that the director was satisfied with my personality and research abilities trained at the Institute of Health Management and Health Economics, University of Oslo.

To what extent is the knowledge you acquired through your studies at the Institute of Health Management and Health Economics relevant to your current job?

Basically, I think my current job is highly related with the knowledge I learned in the Institute of Health Management and Health Economics, especially for the knowledge of Research Methodologies and the Policy Analysis. The knowledge of research methodologies I learned in Oslo made me more confident for my current research works, and more competitive than my colleagues gradated in Chinese universities.

How are the possibilities of developing your skills in your current job?

There are several opportunities available for young researchers to develop their skills in my academy, such as various seminars, English trainings, statistics trainings and other skill trainings organized and sponsored by my academy. Junior researchers also have certain budgets for attending academic conferences in China and overseas annually. Through these ways, I indeed improved my skills somehow. However, compared with Norwegian training programs for young researchers, I still think that my academy has long way to improve its training systems for junior researchers like me.

Published Nov. 22, 2012 1:34 PM