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Student Reuse Day

Reduce, reuse, recycle - those are the three important R's when it comes to living an environmental friendly life as a student. At this event, can you get used furniture for your student home (for free!), take part in our clothes swap market and learn how to reduce your climate footprint as a student. 

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Photo: UiO/ Jarli & Jordan. 

Welcome to the very first "Student Reuse Day" at the University of Oslo, on Tuesday 20th August 2019. 

On this day we focus on sustainability and reuse. Not only is an environment friendly life good for the future of the planet, but it's also good for the student wallet. Frederikkeplassen on campus Blindern will be filled with stands offering activities and fun competitions on the topics Food, Plastic, Clothes, Furniture and items, and Rental Services.  


Furnitures and items

  • Pick up free, used furniture, items and equipment for your student home (first come, first serve). We provide free transport to your student housing for big furniture! 
  • Get help mending your broken electronics 

Food and gardening 

  • Learn how to grow an urban garden 
  • Learn how to reduce food waste, and how to best reuse yesterday's dinner
  • Buy fresh, tasty and sustainable food at SiO KUTT

Clothes and shoes

  • Take part in our clothes and shoes swap market - bring the clothes you want to swap. They should be nice enough to be given to your best friend. Please bring your clothes from 9 AM.
  • Learn how to fix and repair clothes

Discussions and talks in Realfagsbiblioteket:

  • 11:15: Our carbon footprint: What are the facts? What is our potential for change? With Sidsel Roalkvam, Karen O’Brien og Dag O. Hessen. 
  • 12:15: “Green speed dating” with researchers and student organizations
  • 13:30: Climate action brainstorming: What are your ideas for sustainable UiO? With Anja Bakken Riise and Andreas Wroldsen.
  • 14:30: Learn how to repair clothes with Ingrid Bergtun


Join our Facebook-group for International students for updates and teasers before the event. 

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