Programme structure

The Master's Programme in International Community Health is a full-time two-year programme taught entirely in English. The programme consists of 45 credits compulsory courses, 15 credits elective courses, and 60 credits for the master thesis. 

Programme structure 2020

4th semester INTHE4012 – Master Thesis
3rd semester INTHE4012 – Master Thesis
2nd semester INTHE4022 – Advanced Module in Qualitative Methods - 10 credits / INTHE4023 – Advanced Module in Quantitative Methods HELSEF4510 – Medical and Health Related Research Ethics - 5 credits Elective courses - 15 credits
1st semester INTHE4019 – Fundamentals of International Community Health - 15 credits HELSEF4410 – Introduction to Qualitative Methods 5 credits INTHE4020 – Introduction to Quantitative Methods - 5 credits INTHE4021 – Introduction to Epidemiology - 5 credits
  5 credits 5 credits 5 credits 5 credits 5 credits 5 credits

The first two semesters consist of compulsory and elective courses. During the second semester, the students specialise in either qualitative or quantitative methodologies depending on the research design of their master thesis. In the third semester, the students conduct fieldwork and collect data, either internationally or in Norway. During the fourth semester the students will conduct data analysis and write up their thesis.

Compulsory courses

The students will also have to choose one of the two available courses in advanced methods:

Elective courses

The students should choose a total of 15 credits of elective courses during the second semester. The nine elective courses offered are either from the study programme, Centre for Medical Ethics or  Tverrfaglig helseforskning (master - to år). The courses are offered in five segments during the semester, each lasting two weeks. The students may only choose one of the courses within each segment, and a total of three courses.

Courses offered in the first segment

Courses offered in the second segment

Courses offered in the third segment

Courses offered in the fourth segment

Courses offered in the fifth segment

The students may also choose elective courses up to 15 credits from other master's degree programmes at the Institute of Health and Society, courses offered at other master's degree programmes at the University of Oslo or other higher education institutions. Before course registration, each student needs to consult the programme leader and the student adviser on the issues of:

  1. the relevance of the course for their master thesis research
  2. the relevance of the course to the overall learning outcomes of the programme
  3. to make sure the elective courses are complementary and not repetitions of learning outcomes from the mandatory courses in the programme   

An overview of all available courses at Institute for Health and Society and information on how to apply for them is available here

Application for recognition of education/credit transfer

If you have courses from other institutions, you can apply for these to be included in your degree. Applications for recognition have to be submitted through the online form. Application deadlines are September 1st and February 1st.

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