Victoria Böhm - Contracts Manager

Victoria enjoyed her studies in Oslo and has been working in the space industry after she graduated

Victoria-Louise Böhm. Picture: private

- The NRCCL and its amazingly supporting staff make this program so different from other LL.M. programs. The specialization I have gained here and the people I was allowed to meet during conferences, seminars and the famous "Monday Club" have opened many doors in the IT Business in all industrial areas. This degree was the starting point for my career in the European Space Industry.

European Space Agency

- Through the Career Days at UiO I got in touch with the European Space Agency who allowed me to join their Young Graduate Trainee Program right after I finished my LL.M. degree at the NRCCL. Since then I have been working in the procurement/sales and legal departments in various space companies with a focus on IPR issues and Software licensing for satellite projects.

Contracts Manager in Astrium

- Currently I am working at Astrium, an EADS Company. As a Contracts Manager I  take care of all legal and contractual matters for the project that I am assigned to. The protection of company IPR and Know-How are essential in todays business and in the companies I have worked until now, specialized IPR lawyers have been seen as an asset helping technicians and engineers to protect not only their know-how but also their workplace.

Recommends the LLM in ICTL

- I would not have had the same possibilities in the Space Sector without the specialization I gained in Oslo and I am very thankful for the support I got from my professors and teachers.

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