Programme structure

The programme encompasses 15 months (3 semesters) and gives 90 ECTS credits.

The programme is of 15 months duration, with two full semesters of lectures and tutorials (four mandatory courses plus two elective courses in total), and the third semester devoted exclusively to the completion of a master's thesis. You are supposed to complete 30 credits every semester, as shown in the table below.

The degree Master of Laws in Information and Communication Technology Law will be awarded to students who participate in the programme, pass the exams and obtain a passing grade on a thesis delivered on time.

Autumn, 1. semester JUS5680 – Internet Governance

Elective course 

(JUS5080 – Programming for Lawyers is a recommended elective course)

Spring, 2. semester JUS5690 – Robot Regulation JUS5650 – Cybersecurity Regulation

Elective course 

(JUS5671 – Legal Technology: Artificial Intelligence and Law is a recommended elective course)

Autumn, 3. semester ICTLTHESIS – Master thesis
  10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits

The thesis is the culmination of the student's master’s degree studies. The thesis is to represent the independent work of the student, and the topic is to be chosen in consultation with the academic staff. A supervisor will be made available for each student. 

If a student decides to write the thesis with 60 credits scope, then three courses will be removed from the study plan. The student decides which courses that are to be removed.

Rules concerning postponed commencement, leave of absence, delay and progression of the student (in chapter 1).

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