Programme structure

The master programme is a two year programme, consisting of a thesis and theoretical course work. The thesis is an independent scientific work, carried out under supervision.

You can choose between a long thesis (60 credits thesis, 60 credits course work) a short thesis (30 credits thesis, 90 credits course work).

All 4000- and 5000-courses are considered master level courses. Choice of thesis and curriculum is made in accordance with your supervisor.

Long master thesis

4. semester Thesis work
3. semester Master courses Thesis work
2. semester Master course Master course Thesis work
1. semester Master course Master course Master course
  10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits

Short master thesis

4. semester Thesis
3. semester Master courses
2. semester Master courses
1. semester Master courses
  10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits

Relevant courses

Autumn courses
INF4130 – Algoritmer: Design og effektivitet (discontinued)
INF4300 – Digital image analysis (continued)
INF4431 – Digital systemkonstruksjon (continued)
INF4470 – Digital signalbehandling (continued)
INF4490 – Biologically Inspired Computing (continued)
INF4820 – Algorithms for artificial intelligence and natural language processing (discontinued)
INF5442 – Image Sensor Circuits and Systems (continued)
MUS4831 – Sound analysis (discontinued)
UNIK4500 – Stochastic systems (continued)
UNIK4590 – Pattern Recognition (continued)

Spring courses
INF4380 – Introduction to robotics (continued)
INF4500 – Rapid prototyping of robotic systems (continued)
INF5430 – Advanced digital systems design (continued)
INF5860 – Machine Learning for Image Analysis (continued)
FYS4240 – Data Acquisition and Control
FYS4260 – Microsystems and Electronic Packaging and Interconnection Technologies
MUS4218 – Methodological topic: Cognitive musicology (discontinued)
STK4900 – Statistical Methods and Applications
UNIK4690 – Maskinsyn (continued)


List of courses offered at the Department of Informatics

Recognition of Master courses from former education

If you are admitted to the Masters Programme and you have completed Master courses outside the University of Oslo, you may apply to have these courses recognised as part of your degree. Please contact the Department of Informatics for more information.

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