Teaching and examinations

Teaching and learning methods

The teaching at the Department of Informatics is varied. The lectures present key parts of the theoretical syllabus, illustrated with selected examples. Through the work with mandatory assignments you will be trained in carrying out practical tasks in the course. This often takes place in small groups where students can interact with the group teacher/oracle as a resource when needed. The groups gather in classes with more teacher-guided instruction. Submissions and presentations will improve your scientific formulation skills, both written and oral.

If you wish to have an active influence on your academic life, it is natural to join the student organization for academics (fui). This organization has student representatives in all the governing boards at the Department of Informatics.




University of Oslo

Forms of examination and assessment

Language of examination

In the courses comprising the programme, the exam question papers are given in English, and the answer papers are normally supposed to be delivered in English. The course descriptions provide more information about requirements concerning the language of examination

Grading scale

The programme contains both courses using the pass/fail scale and courses using the grading scale with five steps from A to E for pass and F for fail, cf. § 6.1 i Forskrift om studier og eksamener ved Universitetet i Oslo (Norwegian only). Each course description provides more information about the grading scale in use.

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