Career opportunities

At a time when digitalization is changing businesses, organizations and society, there is a great need for people with expertise in IT, organization and management.

The Master's degree in Informatics: digital economics and leadership gives you a broad knowledge of informatics combined with a solid understanding of how modern businesses must evolve to succeed in a global and digital market.

The study programme qualifies you for a range of positions within public and private sectors both in Norway and globally. For example, you will be able to work as a leader in high-tech IT and software companies with how digital business processes are developed, improved and utilized, or within more traditional business and public administration.

Many of the challenges of the future will have to be solved with the smart use of new and innovative technology in a digital everyday life, and the study will also open to being able to create their own workplace as an entrepreneur or start-up company or to help entrepreneurs set up new businesses and companies.

Examples of jobs and industries:

  • programming and development work in high-tech companies
  • IT services and technology-oriented investor environments
  • project management in connection with transformation and introduction of new technology
  • leading roles in high-tech companies, especially within IT and software companies 
  • management positions within traditional businesses and public administration, or innovation and entrepreneurship

The programme also provides further foundation for research education in the field of Informatics. Read more about PhD in Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

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Published Apr. 10, 2019 3:38 PM - Last modified Oct. 4, 2019 1:16 PM