Career prospects

Career opportunities

With a Master’s degree in Molecular Biosciences you can obtain a position in both public and private sector, e.g. as a consultant

  • in various Departments of State,
  • directories,
  • in municipalities and counties or
  • in biochemical, pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnological industry.

If you take one year of practical pedagogy, you are also qualified to teach in upper-secondary schools.

Research career

If you are interested in continuing with research at an academic institution or in industry, you are qualified for further PhD studies after having completed a Master’s degree, either at the University of Oslo or at a Norwegian or international research institution.

Most universities and several publicly financed institutions around the world partake in research related to what you have learnt at the MBS-programme. You will also find researcher positions at biotechnological companies and at large industrial research departments.

Read more about the PhD programme at the University of Oslo

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