Learning outcomes

This degree programme allows you to carry out research-based in-depth study of molecular biology, biochemistry or physiology. This qualification equips you for independent laboratory work, critical understanding of scientific articles, and the presentation of scientific topics and research results, both in spoken and written forms. You will gain insight and knowledge through 12 months’ practical work in a research group, and through following a series of supporting courses of your own choice.

Target knowledge and understanding

• You should gain an understanding of chemical and molecular processes that occur in and between cells. Your understanding should become such that you will be able to describe and explain processes and their meaning for the characteristics of living organisms.
• You will gain insight into the most significant molecular and cell-based methods used today to expand our understanding of biology.

Target skills

Having completed a master’s degree, you will be able to:

• Work independently in a laboratory.
• Read scientific articles and gain a critical understanding of the contents.
• Give a spoken and written presentation of scientific topics and research results.
• Present hypotheses and select, adapt and conduct molecular and cell-based experiments to either confirm or reject a hypothesis.

Published June 6, 2012 10:00 AM