Music, Communication and Technology is a research-based master's programme, in which the students take part in the teachers' research through workshops and other research-based teaching activities. Below is an overview of some of the researchers connected to the programme.

A number of faculty members and research fellows from both UiO and NTNU will contribute to the teaching and supervision. These are some of the core people teaching in the programme.

Associate Professor Anna Xambó (NTNU)Anna

Anna's research focuses on interactive real-time systems for music, looking at live coding and generative computer music, collaborative and participatory interfaces, and real-time MIR. She has a special interest in improving the underrepresentation of women in music technology.

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Assistant Professor Daniel Formo (NTNU)Daniel Formo

Daniel is a musician with a strong interest in both old and new technology, and the relationship between man and machine. His work focuses on areas like speech, improvisation and instrument development.

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Associate Professor Andreas Bergland (NTNU)

Andreas’ research focuses on the design of interactive music systems for users with different abilities, and the application of such systems in interactive dance performances. He also has a special research interest in the analysis of electroacoustic music with voice.

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Associate Professor Alexander Refsum Jensenius (UiO)

His research focuses on why music makes us move, which he explores through empirical studies using different types of motion sensing technologies. He also uses the knowledge and tools from his analytic work in the creation of new music, with both traditional and very untraditional instruments.

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Associate Professor Kristian Nymoen (UiO)

Kristian studied both musicology (Master’s) and informatics (PhD) in Oslo. His interdisciplinary background is highly reflected in his research on methods and technologies for studying music-related body motion.

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Associate Professor Sigurd Saue (NTNU)

Sigurd’s research focus is on structural aspects of interactive audio in various disguises: Sonification, real-time music performance, sound installations and game audio. In addition he has a particular interest in temporal manipulations of music, for instance through rhythm synthesis.

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Associate Professor Stefano Fasciani (UiO)

Stefano Fasciani has a academic background in electronic engineering and professional experience in the semiconductor industry and in the club scene. His research and personal interest are focused on technologies for sonic arts, including sound and music computing, sound synthesis and analysis, applied machine learning, human computer interaction, digital signal processing, and real-time embedded systems.

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