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Semester abroad

As a student at the University of Oslo you may choose to take part of your degree at a university abroad. You can find more information here: Exchange possibilities at UiO and study abroad .

A number of these exchange agreements apply to masters’ students; there is a full list, sorted by country, here .

For MoD students, we particularly recommend the universities listed below. The best exchange university for you depends on what programme option you choose. You should discuss this with a contact person / supervisor / programme coordinator. There may also be other universities on the general list that are suited to your needs.

• University of Washington (USA) (Note! Due to imbalance in the mobility between UiO and UoW, we are unable to send students to University of Washington in the Fall 2017/ Spring 2018. We hope to be able to publish this opportunity for applications for the Fall 2018.)
University of California Berkeley (USA) (Application deadline15.02)
University of Waterloo (Canada) (Application deadline15.02 and 15.09)
University of Toronto (Canada) (Application deadline15.02)
University of Melbourne (Australia) (Application deadline15.02 and 15.09)
University of Sydney (Australia) (Application deadline15.02 and 15.09)
Københavns Universitet (Denmark) (Application deadline15.02 and 15.09)
Stockholms Universitet (Sweden) (Application deadline15.02 and 15.09)

Please note that the application deadline via these exchange agreements is either 15.02, or 15.02 and 16.09 (cf. websites mentioned above). This means that it will normally not be an option to study abroad via one of these agreements during the1st semester of your degree. For students who choose the long thesis option, it would not be advisable to study abroad during the 3rd or 4th semesters, leaving just the 2nd semester as suitable for this. This means that a study period abroad should be planned right at the start of your master’s degree. Students who choose the short thesis option could plan to study abroad during either the 2nd or 3rd semesters. This must be planned and applied for at the beginning of the 1st or 2nd semester. You should discuss your plans with the programme coordinator or your supervisor.

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