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Programme structure

For recommended study plans, please see the programme option descriptions. Some programme options contain obligatory courses which must be taken in the beginning of the programme. The remaining courses can be chosen among optional courses in mathematics, statistics and informatics. See each programme option for information on recommended optional courses.

Content and structure of each programme option:

4. semester Master's thesis
3. semester Master's thesis / Master's course Master's course
2. semester Master's thesis / Master's course Master's course Master's course
1. semester Master's course Master's course Master's course
  10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits 10 ECTS credits

The first semester of the Master’s programme starts with courses that give you the foundation for further specialisation towards your Master’s thesis. After this, the study plan varies depending on whether you will be doing a 30 ECTS credit Master’s thesis or a 60 credit Master’s thesis:

• Short thesis (30 ECTS credits): The thesis is completed during the 4th semester. The thesis topic is set in discussion with your supervisor during the 3rd semester.
• Long thesis (60 ECTS credits): The thesis is usually commenced upon already during the second semester, 10 ECTS credits the 2nd semester, 20 credits the 3rd semester and 30 credits the 4th semester (see table). In some cases, the programme can be structured differently, e.g. that the thesis work takes place in the last two semesters only.

Recognition of Master courses from former education

If you are admitted to the Masters Programme and you have completed Master courses outside the University of Oslo, you may apply to have these courses recognised as part of your degree. Please contact the Department of Mathematics for more information.

Diploma and degree

This programme leads to the following degree: Master of Science in Modelling and Data Analysis
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