Guest student to external courses

The Peace and Conflict Studies Program allows for optional courses at other UiO Departments/Faculties and at other Norwegian universities or university colleges.


  • the course must be at a master's degree level
  • the course must be relevant for your thesis
  • it must have vacant seats 
  • you must meet the course's formal prerequisites

How to find relevant courses

You will be responsible for finding information about the course. Here you will find UiO courses that are offered in English. Lists of universities/university colleges in Norway can be found on several web pages, such as:

How to apply 

  • Send an e-mail to: stating the course code and the name of the course, a brief description of the course and an explanation of why you think it is relevant for your master's degree.
  • Include your student number and your full name.
  • Remember to apply well before 1. September for the fall semester, and 1. February for the spring semester. 

When can you expect a reply?

  • The Department of Political Science will first assess whether the course can be approved as a part of your Master's or not. If approved, you will receive a confirmation shortly.  

How to apply for courses given at UiO:

  • Send the confirmation you receive from the Department of Political Science to the unit you wish to be a guest student at, and ask for a seat in the course.
  • If there is a vacant seat, you will receive an e-mail with information regarding course registration. It is not possible to register for external UiO-courses via StudentWeb. 
  • Please note that some master's degree courses have a limited number of places, and that it may take some time before you will get a reply on whether you have been granted a place.

How to apply for courses at other educational institutions:

  • The student must themselves apply for courses at other educational institutions. Deadlines and procedures for application may vary. 
  • When you have passed the course, you have to apply for a credit transfer. Remember to submit the confirmation of approved course in your Master's in the application.  

Approved courses

You do not have to ask for an approval to take the following courses as these have already been approved. However, you must send an e-mail and ask the administration to sign you up if you would like to take any of the following courses:

ARK4210 Heritage, Material Culture and Conflict

PSY4506 Human Rights, Democracy and Reconstruction after conflict: A Community based approach 

SOSGEO4800 Cultural differences, cultural change and the rise of populism

KRIM4958 Migration Control, Borders and Citizenship

HUMR412 Human Rights in Asia

KRIM4953 Criminological Perspectives on Gender, Sexuality and Violence

HIS4371 Krig og konflikt. Stormaktene, Europa og verdensherredømme i det 20. århundret

HIST4225 Racism: The history of a Powerful Idea

HUMR5502 Dealing with Diversity: Human Rights Approaches to Ethnic Conflict

KRIM4956 International Criminal Justice and Mass Violence

JUS5134 The Right to Peace

SUM4029 Global Governance for Sustainable Development

SUM4026 What Works? Success Stories in International Development

SUM4030 Environmental Humanities

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