The PECOS Programme Council meeting November 15th 2016


Hilde Henriksen Waage, Håvard Strand, Hanne Hagtvedt Vik, Nina Maureen Buddeke, Sverke Runde Saxegaard, Anne Julie Semb, Kristian Berg Harpviken, Siri Aamodt and Siv Håberg (secretary)


Resolution items:


Kristian Berg Harpviken wishes to resign as a member. Torkel Brekke from PRIO will be appointed as a new member.

Proposed resolution: Anne Julie Semb (Head of the Department of Political Science) has appointed Torkel Brekke as a member of the board.

Orientation items:


Håvard Strand made a brief presentation of the implementation of the self-evaluation report.

This autumn, Scott Gates has had the main responsibility for the restructuring of PECOS4010. He has given all the lectures himself, apart from one. The course has not yet been evaluated by the students, but according to the student representatives, Gates has been successful for the most part. The course will be evaluated during the autumn.

Cristina Bucur has had the main responsibility for the restructuring of PECOS4021. In addition to Bucur, Øivind Bratberg and Daniel Maul have taught the course this autumn. The aim of the restructuring has been to provide a balanced teaching provision in both history and political science methodology. The challenge prior to the restructuring was to meet the needs of all students since they had – and have – very diverse methodological backgrounds. The student representatives believed that the course has functioned as a bridge builder between the two subjects. The course will be evaluated during the autumn, so it is too early as yet to draw conclusions.

HIS4110 will not be evaluated this autumn. The course is part of the master’s degree programme in history, and is evaluated periodically, i.e. every third year. In spring 2016, only one PECOS student took the course. We should therefore await the evaluation of the scheme. Strand points out that the course should be given an English name in addition to the Norwegian name if it is to be offered to PECOS students. Siri Aamodt is looking into this together with IAKH.

Almost all the students on the political science track who applied this autumn have had supervisors appointed. The exception is the students who have chosen to postpone writing their thesis. Supervisors were appointed for the history students in spring 2016.

From spring 2016, supervisors for students on the history track have been appointed at the start of the students’ second semester. Early appointment of supervisors has been one of several measures implemented in connection with the programme evaluation. The aim of early appointment of supervisors is to ensure that students become attached to the academic community at IAKH and thus begin their master’s thesis at an earlier stage. Before they apply for a supervisor to be appointed, they will be summoned to attend an information meeting.

The meeting discussed several reasons for the challenges presented in the report but concluded that it is too early to draw any conclusions about the impact of the measures. The scheme will be evaluated after all the year groups have completed their studies.

All lecturers at PECOS will meet in December to coordinate the teaching. Håvard is responsible for convening the meeting.


Student adviser, Ragnar Holst Larsen, informed us about the new master’s degree programme at HF – Modern International and Transnational History (MITRA), which will begin in autumn 2017.

MITRA is IAKH’s new master’s degree programme taught in English. There are 20 available places, five of which are reserved for students from outside the EU. By focusing on international and transnational history from the mid-19th century to the recent past, the programme offers a broad and global historical perspective on political, cultural, social and economic processes both between and beyond nation states. Daniel Maul will have academic responsibility and Ragnar Holst Larsen administrative responsibility.

The establishment of the new programme will entail some changes in PECOS’ provision of courses. HIS4011 will be converted to MITRA4010 in spring 2018. PECOS students will thus take the course together with MITRA students. PECOS students will thereby become part of a larger group, and group discussions are expected to improve.

HIS4421 will be replaced by MITRA4421 in autumn 2017. The project seminar HIS4031 will remain the same.

The meeting discussed recruitment and the number of applicants to the programmes, but there was agreement that it is too early to predict what effect this will have on PECOS.

Any other business:


Nina Maureen Buddeke stated that students wanted to be able to answer examination questions on a PC. Øyvind Colbjørnsen will check the possibilities for digital examinations in the courses that ISV is responsible for in spring 2017.

It is important that new members of the Programme Council receive the documents relevant to the agenda.


Date and time of the next meeting

We will agree on the exact time and date later on, but the next meeting will most probably be held in April 2017, and the following meeting in May 2017.


Siv Håberg (secretary)

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