Sofie Marianne Gilbert from Canada

Sofie Marianne Gilbert studies PECOS because she 

- Why did you study PECOS?


I found that throughout my bachelor’s degree, where I focused mainly on modern history and economics, I was always most interested in studying conflict and conflict prevention.

I study peace and conflict because it is constantly relevant. It appears in all fields of study and can be approached from various perspectives. Humanity is constantly undergoing hostilities, however humanity is also constantly developing and evolving. I have hope that – in studying peace and conflict – we can make a positive contribution to this development.  

- Why did you apply for this particular MA programme?


I applied to the PECOS program because of its small collaborative environment; its focus on both qualitative and quantitative approaches to the study of conflict, conflict prevention, and peace building; and its encouragement to pursue internships outside of the classroom.

- What is the best thing about being an international master's student at the University of Oslo?


The University of Oslo, and the city of Oslo, are internationally known and revered especially within the field of peace building. Any international student knows that studying abroad is important for one’s own future, and the recognition that Oslo is given allows – or, at least increases – the opportunity to continue in academia anywhere. Moreover, the University of Oslo is just a great place to be a student. The University provides an interdisciplinary learning environment, accessible resources, and modern amenities to its students. All of this is notwithstanding the University’s beautiful campus and all the benefits of living in the city of Oslo.


Published July 29, 2020 11:27 AM - Last modified July 29, 2020 11:27 AM