Learning outcomes

A Master’s Degree candidate in Philosophy


  • has advanced knowledge within at least two of the six main areas of philosophy: metaphysics and philosophy of mind, epistemology and philosophy of science, history of philosophy, aesthetics, ethics and philosophy of language and logic, as well as specialized knowledge within one of these areas through the master’s thesis or the master’s degree essay.
  • has in-depth knowledge of different methods for approaching philosophical texts, both exegetical and systematic
  • is able to use his/her philosophical knowledge to identify fruitful questions in different areas of philosophy
  • is able to address philosophical questions on the basis of the history and traditions of philosophy from Antiquity until today, and knows how to approach contemporary questions from a philosophical point of view


  • is able to assess in a critical manner both primary and secondary sources, as well as to analyze and discuss complex subject matters with great precision
  • is capable of assessing philosophical theories and methods on the basis of different positions within philosophy and in this way identifying possible answers to philosophical questions
  • is capable of using both exegetical and systematic methods in an independent manner
  • is able to carry out an independent and well-defined research project under supervision and in accordance with ethical norms for academic integrity

General competence

  • is able to assess ethical questions based on different ethical theories and to have a critical perspective on the interaction between moral intuitions and moral principles
  • is capable of applying his/her knowledge and skills to areas that require an ability to analyze complex problems, as well as to develop possible solutions
  • is able to communicate his/her own research both orally and in writing, and masters philosophical language and terminology
  • is able to communicate philosophical insight both to peers and to a wider audienc
  • is able to contribute to a professional development within an academic community

Earlier master's theses

In order to get an idea of the opportunities this study option offers, you may have a look at earlier master's theses in philosophy here

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