Programme structure

The following courses are considered as especially relevant for this programme option:

FYS3220 - Linear Circuit Electronics
FYS3230 - Sensors and Measurement Technology
FYS3240 - Computer Based Instrumentation and Micro Controllers
• FYS4220 - Real time and embedded data systems
FYS4250 - Biomedical Instrumentation
FYS4260 - Microsystems and electronic packaging and interconnection technologies
FYS4310 - Material science of semiconductors
INF3430 - Digital systemkonstruksjon (Norwegian description)
INF3470 - Digital signalbehandling (Norwegian description)
UNIK4320 - Quality Management and Metrology

Students specialising in physical electronics must take the course FYS4310 - Material science of semiconductors during the course of the Master’s programme.

For general structure and requirements look at the program structure page.

It is possible to complete the programme part time. Please contact your supervisor and department at if you wish to do so.

Recognition of Master courses from former education

If you are admitted to the Masters Programme and you have completed Master courses outside the University of Oslo, you may apply to have these courses recognised as part of your degree. Please contact the Department of Physics for more information.

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