Work with Marianne Lien on current topics of concern - in Norway, Australia or elsewhere

Marianne Lien suggests master projects on political ecology, land disputes, extractivism, Sápmi and indigenous issues, urban and community gardening, biodiversity, domestication, aquaculture, human-animal relations, economic anthropology and work environments, nutritional anthropology and food studies.  

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Political ecology, extractivism and indigenous issues

Domestication, aquaculture and human-animal relations

Urban gardening, community gardening and food studies

Economic anthropology and work relations:

Anthropological insight is currently in great demand across a broad range of work –related sites and organisations, from urban planning and design, to digital solutions and user research, from public health and education services to ‘green’ economy initiatives and transnational NGOs.   Cultivating expertise in any of these fields will prepare you for a career in applied anthropology, and can also yield important ethnographic material for a career in research.   Within these fields, you may study gender issues, migration and mobility, digitalization, organizational culture and more general topics related to economic anthropology.

Does macho culture put off women from choosing construction work?

The construction industry in Norway currently employs mostly men. According to Statistics Norway only 8,6%  of all employees in Norwegian construction work are women. Why is this so? Is there a ‘macho-culture’ that keeps women out? What kinds of measures might shift this situation and make the industry an attractive workplace for everyone. These are questions that the construction industry would like to know more about, and they invite anthropology master students to take part. Fieldwork could take place at a selected work-site, or at a secondary vocational school, where teenagers choose their future career, and you would work in close collaboration with Byggenæringens Landsforbund (Construction industries Norway).

Marianne Lien has more information about this project and a possible opportunity for an internship and fieldwork with the BNL. 



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