Career opportunities

The master’s degree programme in Social Anthropology expands your career opportunities. The skills and knowledge you have gained will be useful in many fields, for example integration, welfare, environment, communication and PR, journalism, education, organizational development, aid and development.

Our graduates work in many different sectors, such as:

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Your interests, study specialisation and relevant work experience will greatly influence the kind of job you will be equipped for. 
We offer job search courses and you can participate in activities at the Center for Career Services at UiO. 
If you want to establish a network with potential colleagues and employers, the Science shop provides an arena/hub where you can connect with companies and/or organisations interested in collaborating with students on their master's thesis. 
When you have completed your degree, you can apply for grants to finance internships in Europe (Norwegian).

Plan your career (Norwegian)

Further Studies 

If you would like to become a teacher after completing your degree, you can apply for admission to: 

If you would like to become a researcher, you can apply for admission to:

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