SAI student grant

The Department has established a grant for master students, to support fieldwork travels.

How to apply?

What should the application include?

  • Application for fieldwork: 
  •  Applications for other purposes:
    • Application form (odt)
    • A description of the project/excursion/conference
    • Budget estimates with travel and subsistence expenses specified

The applicant is required to provide the name(s) of any other institution(s) to which he/she has applied for and/or received funding from, if applicable.

Submit the application, marked "SAI student grant", to 

When is the application deadline?

Deadline 15 March in the Spring semester (prior to leaving for fieldwork).

In the Fall semester, the application deadline is 15 November.

The application will only be reviewed once the applicant has passed ANTH4010, ANTH4030 and ANTH4020 (or SOSANT4110 and SOSANT4120). If your application is refused and you apply again the next semester, then a revised version of ANTH4020 and/or an updated application letter indicating the improvements of the project may be submitted. 

What can be covered by SAI student grant?

Applicants must be enrolled in the master's programme in social anthropology. The department will provide financial support for travel/living expenses in connection with:

1) Fieldwork

2) Conference/participation in seminars, where the student presents a paper based on her/his master's project.

3) Excursions/field trip with clear academic content

It is assumed that the student has no other, or insufficient, financial support to cover extraordinary expenses related to data collection. Students may apply for support for both initiated and future projects. However, the activity cannot have been completed more than 1 month prior to the application.

How much can you apply for?

Students who apply may be granted from NOK 3000 and up to NOK 15,000.

The SAI student grant is only awarded once per student for fieldwork.

How will the applicants be ranked?

The ranking of the applications will be based on the academic quality of the projects as well as the need for additional funds to cover travel/living expenses and any extraordinary expenses during fieldwork. The amount of financial aid awarded will depend on the number of applicants and the available funds. To receive a grant, the project must maintain an excellent academic quality and the application budget should document actual (expected) costs.  

For excursions and conference participation it will usually be granted a smaller amount (top-up financing). Conference attendance without presenting a paper will normally not be granted. 

Payment of the grant

You will receive an official award letter. Please note that you must include the original document when claiming the grant. 

In order to claim the grant, you must send the following to the department (marked "SAI student grant"):


  • General questions can be directed to
  • Questions related to the payment can be directed to


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