Registrations and documents for exchange students

Registration for courses

Exchange students who register for courses online before arrival in Oslo may have a better chance of being admitted to the courses they wish to take.

The online course registration - Studentweb opens early June for autumn and early December for spring.

Questions about courses or registration must be directed to your faculty. See bottom of page for contact points.

Learning Agreement (LA) for Erasmus+

All Learning Agreements are signed by the faculties. 

Students must register the correct contact information for the faculty contact point in the LA/OLA.

Norwegian courses

UiO offers a variety of Norwegian Language courses for exchange students. The courses are arranged by the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies.

Exchange students register for Norwegian language courses in Studentweb after admission.

Erasmus + confirmations / certificates

Erasmus+ students must contact their Faculty Information Centre for signatures on the Certificate / Confirmation of Arrival and the Confirmation of stay for their Erasmus+ exchange.

Faculty contact points: