Extension of Quota funding for PhD students

Several factors determine whether or not an extension can be granted and for how long: The student’s academic progress, how long the student has been studying in Norway (for example if the PhD student also took their Master’s degree in Norway) and how much time has been spent on field work in the student’s home country.

How to apply for extension of Quota funding?

You must complete all fours steps:

  1. Contact your Faculty and apply for an extension of your study rights as a PhD Quota student (note that each Faculty may have different procedures).
  2. Complete the form “Application for Extended Quota Funding”
  3. Complete the form “Confirmation of Field Work in Home country”
  4. Submit both of the above forms in person to Knutepunktet - International Student Reception within the deadline March 1 / September 1

Not eligible for extended Quota funding, but wish to continue as a self-financed student ?

When your Quota funding stops,The Quota Program Student Adviser is no longer administratively responsible for you. If you are granted an extension of your study rights as a self-financed student, your department will be both academically and administratively responsible for you.

Remember to:

  • Contact your faculty/department and apply for an extension of your study rights.
  • Apply for renewal of your residence permit at least one month prior to your permit expires.
  • Check the UDI requirement for renewal
  • Request a progress report that needs to be submitted to the UDI/Police in connection with the extension.
  • Obtain confirmation from the SiO Housing Office that you still have student housing.
  • The Loan Fund requires that you apply for deferment of repayment of quota loan as long as you are a self-financed student. You do this by going into Dine sider at lanekassen.no and applying for betalingsutsettelse. This is very important - otherwise you will receive bills.
Published June 2, 2015 2:24 PM - Last modified Oct. 14, 2020 12:36 PM