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Reduced study progression

If you do not meet the study progression requirements, you may in some cases apply for reduced study progression.

Are you eligible for reduced study progression?

As a student admitted to a study programme you must have completed a certain amount of credits each year to retain your admission to a study programme - study progression requirements.

If you do not meet the requirements for study progression due to special needs or circumstances, you may apply for reduced study progression.

The application must be justified on the grounds of special needs or circumstances, such as long-term illness, disability, or caretaking responsibilities.

How do you apply?

If you are considering to apply for reduced study progression, please schedule a counselling meeting first. In the counselling meeting you will clarify whether reduced progress is necessary and how to proceed.

To apply for reduced study progression you must submit an application letter accompanied by documentation. There is no dedicated form or template for this letter. The application letter must state your situation and why you are in need of reduced study progression. You also should state a future plan for your course of study.

The decision letter will be mailed to semester address you have registered in StudentWeb.

Requirements for documentation

  • All applications for reduced study progression must be documented.
  • In the event of illness, the documentation submitted must state that you are unable to study as a full-time student for the application period.
  • The documentation must be originals or certified copies. SV-info can make certified copies of the original documentation.
  • Submitted documentation will not be returned.
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