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Loan of technical and ergonomic utilities

The University of Oslo can lend out some technical and ergonomically utilities that can support you while you are studying here. If you need any of these aids and/or utilities, contact you faculty. Make sure you have documentation that describe why you need special facilitation.  

Examples on technical and ergonomically aids:  

Ergomic chairs

The kind of chair will depend on what you need. 
Contact your faculty if you need a custom chair. Together we'll find a chair that suits your needs. 

Other options for computer mouse

Some examples on other options for computer mouse is a mousetrapper, rollermouse and oystermouse. 

Contact your faculty if this you need a custom computer mouse.


We can help to assure that there is good lighting at your reading room with adjustable lamp and help to prevent blinding sunlight. 

Contact your faculty if the lighting at your reading rooms does not meet your needs. To report general damages, defects and needs related outdoor spaces, cleaning and internal relocation, contact the Estate services. 


The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration covers some softwares if you are entitled to it. This applies to student with Dyslexia or visual impairments. To apply your must be a part of the national registry in Norway.

Examples of softwares:

Contact your faculty for assistance on how to get access to these softwares. 

Technical utilities

University of Oslo have access to technical utilities such as book scanner with OCR-function, C-pen, dictaphone, reading-TV, magnifier lamp and electrical wheelchair. 

Contact your faculty if you need some of these technical utilities, or have any questions on other available technical utilities.   

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