Norwegian Life & Society Web-series

The ISS presents the Norwegian Life and Society webinar series as part of our 75th celebration. Join us as we engage around topics that examine attitudes, activities and history specific to Norway. Some of our lecturers will be familiar to alumni, including the former ISS directors, Einar Vannebo and Kjetil Flatin, while others have been selected for their specific knowledge on interesting topics. Join us for a Zoom webinar series that can bring you back to your time at the ISS with your classmates and teach you more about Norway. Click on any of the speakers in the schedule to register for their webinar. 

Web-Series Schedule

26 Oct.
7:00 PM, Zoom Webinar

Mona Abdel-Fadil


Previous Webinar Recordings

See the list of the past webinars and watch the recordings here!

Meet the Web-series Host

Dragana Kovačević Bielicki has worked alongside the ISS teams in both Oslo and the US to put together the Norwegian Life & Society Web-Series. She has organized the impressive list of speakers we have for this summer and will also be alongside them in Zoom, hosting the web-series. 

Smiling photo of web-series host, Dragana with logo for 75th Anniversary of ISS, and a short bio of the host.