The application is open!

The online application portal opened on 1 December, and we are now ready to receive applications for the ISS 2016. Our catalog has been distributed widely around the world, and it is also available on our website. I hope you find it easy to navigate, and that you find exciting courses that appeal to you and motivate you to apply.

I invite you to a threefold experience in Oslo next summer: firstly, an academic experience with a wide range of courses on both Bachelor’s and Master’s level, secondly; a cultural experience exposing you to both Norwegian culture and the cultures of all the participating students; and thirdly, a confidence and peace-building experience aiming at fostering a deeper understanding and trust between people of different backgrounds.

Last summer, one of our students, Naby Dakhli, who is a professional filmmaker, made a video presentation of the ISS. I strongly advise you to watch this presentation both to get information about our program, but most of all to get a feeling of the vibrant and lively atmosphere that characterizes our community. Naby has also made several shorter videos, introducing you to the dormitory, to the excursion program and to several of the students who attended in 2015. They share their experiences both from the classrooms and from extracurricular activities and campus life. When watching these video clips and study the rest of the website, I hope it will function as a virtual Open Day which will give you a flavor of our program. In the course of the application process my team and I will do our best to answer any questions you send us.

The year that is now soon coming to an end has seen a lot of war, migration, violence and tragedy around the world. Some of our courses deal with various aspects of the international situation, but most of all, the ISS program is a practical lesson in getting to know other cultures with a view to creating a basis for dialog and confidence building. Students from previous sessions give testimony to the fact that their time at the ISS was an eye opener that gave them a more profound understanding of the complexities and also the joy of intercultural interaction. I hope to see you as a member of our international village at Blindern campus in Oslo next summer.


By Einar Vannebo
Published Oct. 7, 2016 10:31 PM - Last modified Nov. 10, 2017 9:34 AM