Grades and transcripts

Grades are published in Studentweb three weeks after the exam date.

Find your grades in Studentweb

  • Log in to Studentweb with your University of Oslo username and password (the same username and password as you used this summer for Fronter, etc. Called "FEIDE".)
  • Students with 11-digit Norwegian national ID numbers (personnummer) or residents of Norway with "ID-portal" can also log in using these.
  • Logging in with a Norwegian national ID number: if you have not logged in to Studentweb before, click on the button "Send new PIN to your email" to have a PIN code sent to your private email address registered at the University of Oslo.
  • After you log in, DO NOT click on "Start registration" in the menu.
  • From the top menu of the homepage, click on "Results". If you don't see "Results" in the top menu, you can expand the internet window to full screen (or just click on the symbol with three horizontal lines in the upper left corner, and you will see "Results" in the list).
  • The green bar graph symbols to the right of the grades show you the grade statistics for the entire class.

About the homepage on Studentweb: if you are not studying at UiO this autumn, ignore the messages about registering and paying the semester fee, this does not apply to you.

Order a paper transcript in Studentweb

  • Check your address:
    • Click on your name in the top menu and go to "Profile".
    • Update your address (choose "Use international format instead" if you have an address outside of Norway), and then click "Save changes" at the bottom.
    • Please remember to update your email address!
  • Go to the "Results" page and click on "Order transcript" at the bottom of the page.
  • Choose your preferred language, Norwegian (bokmål or nynorsk) or English. You can choose both by clicking on both English and Norwegian, to get one copy in Norwegian and one in English.
  • Click "Order" to complete the order.
  • Transcript orders are processed and sent in the mail every week. You can submit one transcript order every seven days in Studentweb. 
  • Students who have failed an exam (with the final grade F) or who did not attend an exam, do not get a transcript.

Note! All of your financial obligations must be met, all materials from the library or from the language lab must be returned or paid for before the ISS will release your transcript or certificate.

Share your results digitally from the Diploma Registry

  • The Diploma Registry is a public service that provides the ability for those with higher education to share their results (subjects and degrees) digitally with others if they wish to.
  • Log in with your UiO username and password. Residents of Norway can also log in using ID-portal.
  • If your employer, place of study abroad, or others require your transcript from the University of Oslo, you can share your results from the Diploma Registry instead of sending a transcript on paper.

In need of a transcript immediately...

...or you need multiple transcripts now, come to the ISS Office in person.

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