ISS Reception

The ISS reception is open Monday-Friday 08:00-15:00. This is the first point of contact for current/prospective students and teachers to the ISS Office, and visitors can get answers to most questions here.

The ISS reception

The staff in the reception also offers a variety of services, including:

  • accepting attendance sheets
  • loaning out CD players and textbooks
  • ordering and supplying office supplies
  • supplying whiteboard markers, erasers and chalk
  • parking passes for teachers, students and visitors
  • keys for lockers in the faculty room
  • providing technical assistance to lecturers
  • assistance with copying of course materials
  • Technical asistance for lecturers

Post shelves

  • Post shelves for faculty members are located in the hallway outside the ISS reception. These shelves are marked with the faculty member’s name and course code.
  • We ask you to check your post shelf every day before classes. In cases where faculty members are not able to collect the mail each morning, please arrange for a reliable student to do so.
  • The post shelf is an important vehicle for communication between the ISS staff and members of faculty, and is often used to relay important messages.

Office supplies

  • Office supplies for course leaders are available at the ISS reception and in the faculty room. If we do not have the supplies you need, you may make a request with the reception.
  • We may not have all the supplies you need on short notice, so please let us know about your needs before the summer session starts. An email is sent in the spring asking each course leader about their office supplies needs, so requests can be made in the online form which is sent by email.
  • CD players can be borrowed from reception and must be returned immediately after class. We recommend that course leaders reserve these items at least one day in advance.

Copying and scanning

  • Faculty members have access to one copy machine near the faculty room and two copy machines in the ISS Office area.
  • There is usually a line to use the copy machines in the morning when many course leaders prepare for classes. If you plan to make many copies for your class, please do so the evening before at the latest.
  • For environmental and financial reasons, we ask faculty members to refrain from unnecessary copying.
  • If there are any technical problems with the copy machines, please contact the ISS reception immediately.
  • Assistance with copying course materials
  • The administrative staff at the ISS reception can copy course material for you, but such assistance must be requested at the latest by 13:00 one day in advance. Copy request forms are available in the ISS reception.
  • The Ricoh copy machine in the ISS Office can also scan documents and send them by email. For assistance with this, speak with staff at the ISS reception.
Published Mar. 6, 2014 3:11 PM - Last modified Oct. 7, 2016 10:40 PM