Compendia and book orders

Course leaders are contacted by the ISS for reading materials and course schedule (syllabus) in February/March.

The main source of reading material is the compendia, since the cost is integrated into the ISS fee. This minimizes extra expenses for our students, many of whom are at disadvantage when the Norwegian crown is strong against their own currency. The deadline for submitting materials for the compendia is  April 16.

How to send in compendia orders, course schedule and syllabus and book orders


When updating an existing compendium, you must submit:

  1. A list of all texts to be included in the compendium, specifying: author, title, year, publisher, publication, and page numbers
  2. If there are any new texts: original printed material (books), high quality photocopies or PDF files of these texts

When requesting a new compendium, you must submit:

  1. The complete citation of all texts to be included in the compendium, specifying: author, title, year, publisher, publication, and page numbers
  2. The order in which the texts should appear
  3. For all texts: original printed material, high quality photocopies or PDF files of the texts

Course schedule  and syllabus

What to include

The course schedule and syllabus must include:

  1. Time and date of each class session (at least tentatively; smaller changes can be made to the schedule)
  2. Topic of each class session
  3. General reading list for the course, including both articles in the compendia and books (if applicable) 
  4. Articles to be read before/to be discussed in each class session, both required and suggested readings
  5. Deadlines for submitting course work and the date of the examination(s)
  6. Required course work (if applicable)
  7. Form(s) of examination and the weighting of examination sections

Placing book orders

The ISS staff orders all books for summer courses. Place your book orders with the ISS office well in advance of the start of the summer session. Contact Turi Lindalen ( to place a book order. Note! Akademika bookstore often requires extra time to secure books from foreign publishers.

Loaning course textbooks

Course leaders and lecturers may borrow one copy of the course textbook from the ISS Office, for a deposit of NOK 300.

Copying rights and restrictions

There are strict rules regarding copying rights and restrictions, and all course leaders must read this information carefully.

Books, articles, and compendia used in the various courses cannot be borrowed from the University Library and shall not be photocopied for the students, as this would violate copyright regulations. Course leaders and lecturers are free to provide students with handouts as long as this does not infringe the Kopinor agreement on photocopying. 



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