A Trip to the South Coast, July 4-5

A trip to Tønsberg and along the South Coast illuminates Norway's coastal culture, from the Viking Age to the present day.

Photo: ISS student Elena Levina

Schedule and accommodation are subject to change.

On this trip we will explore the beautiful scenery and rich history of the coastline along the Oslo Fjord. Vikings, voyagers and famous painters are all a part of this history.



Our first stop on the excursion will be the town of Stavern. Stavern is called Norway’s summer town for a reason – it has the most days of sun during the year. In Stavern a small ferry awaits us, and for a couple of hours we will explore the south coast from the sea. This is a great opportunity to experience the Norwegian seaside and archipelago, as well as learn about the coastal culture. 

The next stop will be Kaupang. This is the site for Norway’s first viking town, which was built around year 800AD. It was an important center of trade for the vikings, and  today important archeological sites remain. Our visit will give you a chance to learn about the history of the vikings, make viking food and even try shooting with a bow and arrow like a real viking. 

We will spend the night in Tønsberg, which is the oldest existing city in Norway. In the evening you will be free to explore the city on your own.

On Sunday, we will get a guided tour in Åsgårdstrand where we will visit the home of the famous painter Edvard Munch, and learn about his life. Many of the motives from his most famous paintings are found here. Afterwards, we will visit the beautiful costal area called Verdens Ende (World’s End) in Tjøme. Here we will we go for a short walk and have lunch before heading back to Oslo. Remember to bring swimwear if you want to go for a swim.



  • Light jacket or windbreaker
  • Swimwear (optional)
  • Water bottle
  • Small backpack or shoulder bag to carry your lunch

Information about room and board

  • Lunch is not included on day 1. If you are a resident on Blindern Dormitory you must pack your lunch at breakfast. If you do not live at Blindern Dormitory you must bring your own lunch.
  • Students who prefer beverages other than ordinary tap water (which is of good quality in Norway) at dinner will have to pay for this individually.


The bus leave from Blindern Dormitory and will be parked in Problemveien between the portal entrance to Blindern Dormitory and Lucy Smiths hus (no. 1). Buses leave promptly, and will not wait for latecomers!

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