Telemark – Culture and Scenery, July 14-15

Many regard Telemark County as the heart of Norwegian culture. Telemark offers the visitor beauty and drama. Medieval stave churches, historic silver mines, the battle for heavy water and some fancy river engineering are all seen in this trip.

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Schedule and accommodation are subject to change.

The trip starts at Heddal stave church where we participate in a guided tour in the church and the open-air museum. The magnificent church is the largest in Norway, and was built around 1215. Thereafter we leave for Vrangfoss locks, which is a part of the Telemark Canal. Here we will watch the veteran boat MS Henrik Ibsen go up the locks.

After the Vrangfoss locks, we drive up to Uppigard Natadal where we will spend the night. The farm looks like a setting for a Norwegian folk tale and you will see Norwegian craftsmanship at its very best. In the evening we will discover the Norwegian folk culture with music and dance.

On Sunday we travel to Hardangervidda National Park Center where we will explore Norwegian wild life. Our final stop before heading back to Oslo is the cable car Krossobanen at Rjukan.The valley of Rjukan lies in the shade for several months during the winter, and Krossobanen was built to give the inhabitants the chance to see the sun. The cable car takes you to the foot of the Hardangervidda high mountain plateau where you have a magnificent view to the mountain Gaustatoppen.

Packing list

  • Sturdy walking shoes
  • Small backpack
  • Optional: swimwear (there is a outdoor hot tube at Natadal)

Information about room and board

  • The accommodation standard is very simple
  • Room sizes vary
  • Lunch is not included on day 1. If you are a resident on Blindern Dormitory you must pack your lunch at breakfast. If you do not live at Blindern Dormitory you must bring your own lunch.
  • Students who prefer beverages other than ordinary tap water (which is of good quality in Norway) at dinner will have to pay for this individually.


The bus leave from Blindern Dormitory and will be parked in Problemveien between the portal entrance to Blindern Dormitory and Lucy Smiths hus (no. 1). Buses leave promptly, and will not wait for latecomers!

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