Blindern Dormitory

Blindern Dormitory is located next to the University campus at Blindern. The buildings are from 1925 and are surrounded by a green garden. The dormitory, is privately owned and operated. On-campus housing is only for ISS-students, it is not possible for us to accommodate partners or children at Blindern Dormitory.



  • Almost all the rooms at Blindern Dormitory are double rooms.
  • Every two rooms share a shower and sink. Toilets are at the end of the corridors.
  • The rooms are furnished with a bed for each resident, one desk, one chair, one table
  • Linen and bedding will be supplied.
  • Residents are expected to make their own beds and keep their quarters tidy. Rooms will be cleaned and bed linen changed by the Blindern staff.
  • Blindern Dormitory has WiFi access in all areas. Each room has one LAN-network connection (only necessary if you need high speed for example for streaming). 
  • Mini-refrigerators and microwave ovens are not available.

Residents must bring: 

  • A LAN-wall plug if you want to connect to Internet in your room (only necessary if you need high speed for example for streaming). 
  • Your own towels.  


Blindern Dormitory was built in 1925 before buildings were constructed for universal accessibility. The Dormitory has many stairs and there is neither an elevator nor a permanent wheelchair ramp. A temporary ramp can be installed on request.

The courtyard is covered in gravel, which can be difficult for students who have problems walking, or who are wheelchair users. The cafeteria and common areas are all located in the main building, but there are no lavatories on the ground floor. None of the lavatories in the Dormitory are wheelchair accessible. 

The ISS welcomes all students, but would like students to have a realistic picture of the limitations of the facilities at Blindern Dormitory. Contact us as soon as possible to find out what accommodations and services we do offer for students with disabilities.

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Published Nov. 9, 2016 5:38 PM - Last modified Jan. 7, 2020 9:49 AM