Rules and regulations


  • Notify the reception if you are spending the night away from the dormitory.
    • In case of fire, the firefighters will spend unnecessary time searching for you if you are unaccounted for. The reception will then be responsible for knowing your whereabouts.
    • The kitchen wants to be notified of how many students are expected for meals.
  • Check the bulletin boards by the reception for new messages 
  • Check your mail slot every day. Mail and messages from the reception will be left here for you.
  • Please observe instructions given by the receptionists, Residental Managers and night watchmen during quiet hours.


  • Drink alcohol in the common areas
    • Alcohol regulations in Norway are quite strict and prohibit drinking of alcohol in public places. You may be fined for doing so (from NOK 3,000).
    • ISS rules prohibit alcohol consumption in common areas at BS. If you would like to drink alcohol, we suggest you visit a pub or go somewhere else.
  • Smoke inside. Norwegian law prohibits smoking inside all public buildings. House regulations prohibit smoking inside all buildings at BS and other dormitories.
  • Disturb other residents after quiet hours (23:00)
  • Bring overnight guests
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Published Nov. 9, 2016 5:12 PM - Last modified May 8, 2017 10:52 AM