IT Services

Username and password

As an ISS student, you will automatically receive a network account for the University of
Oslo (UiO). You will receive your username and password by SMS in advance of arrival.. This account is temporary and will be deleted by September 1.

Access at home

There are several ways you can connect to the UiO network from your home computer. UiO's network can be accessed remotely free of charge, excepting the cost of your own broadband/ADSL connection.

Access at UiO Campus

ISS students will have access to the computers in the Learning Centre of the Faculty of Social Sciences (SV). Read more about terms of use, printer access, PC specifications and software. 

If you plan to listen to language course CDs in the computer lab you must bring your own earphones or earplugs.


Opening Hours

3rd floor of Eilert Sundts hus

Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 21:30
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00 - 16:00
See your Student Handbook for exceptions.


If you have technical questions, you can send an e-mail to the UiO help desk,, or call 228 40 004 (mon - fri 08.00 20.00). For more information, go to UiO's support centre.

Data storage

  • Always save on the «M:» drive. The «M:» drive is your private storage area and is not accessible to others.
  • Do not save files on the «C:» drive. All files will be erased from this disk when you log off.
  • All PCs will automatically open your personal server space, which also contains your settings, e-mail messages, and any files you saved here. Remember to copy important files from this space to a USB drive before you leave ISS.

All PCs have connections for an external USB mass storage device (e.g. flash drive).

Connecting your laptop to the UiO network

UiO supports Windows, Mac and Linux based laptops. Read more about how to connect your laptop to the UiO network.

Access at Blindern Dormitory

Blindern Dormitory is not a part of the University of Oslo. In order to access online reading materials or library databases, you will need to log on to the UiO network as an off-campus student.

Students living at Blindern Dormitory will have WiFi access in most areas including the rooms and additional LAN access in their rooms. There is only one LAN wall plug per room which means that two computers cannot use the network simultaneously, bring your own LAN cable. 

Blindern Dormitory is not owned by the University and is not obliged to provide the same IT services. Visit the Student Resident Network for info about restrictions, set-up and connections.

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