Excellent facilities

The University of Oslo has well-equipped lecture rooms, laboratories and computer labs. Study facilities also include state-of-the-art libraries and a wireless network zone.

Students and staff have the very best technical tools at their disposal and access to excellent facilities that include:

Green campus

With its old campus downtown and the modern Campus at Blindern, UiO is centrally located and easily accessible, with modern buildings in lush, green surroundings.

The University of Oslo’s original campus is located in the city centre, adjacent to the Royal Palace and the Parliament. The main campus of Blindern, just minutes by subway, tram, or bicycle from the heart of Oslo, offers proximity to the forests and hills surrounding the city and affords wonderful views of the Oslo Fjord.

Stay in shape and eat well

You can choose among 60 different sports activities in four training centres offered by the SiO Sports, ranging from basketball, swimming, squash to climbing, dance, yoga and more. You can get a customized, individual training programme, participate in group training, and get-started classes. At UiO you can eat at more than 40 on campus restaurants and cafes with a varied selection of menus at student friendly prices.

Health and counselling

The University of Oslo has student health centres with general practitioners, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and dentists. There is also a team of professional counsellors to whom students can turn for advice in academic, financial or personal matters.

Special treats for international students also include:

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