Baltic Research Programme

The main goal of the Baltic Research Programme is to enhance research-based knowledge development in Baltic States through research cooperation between Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein and Baltic States.

The Baltic Research Programme shall strengthen research cooperation with the aim of stimulating strong and sustainable collaboration, complementarity, capacity and competence-building and provide a step for future collaborative research projects on EU and regional level.

For the call in 2020, applications have to address the challenges of the Baltic region in the following areas: 

  1. Technologies and innovation development. This thematic area tackles global issues of climate change, fostering energy efficiency, decarbonization and more responsible using of resources by creating new technologies and innovations. 
  2. Cyber security. This thematic area contributes towards exploring possibilities of using artificial intelligence for developing new technologies in the fields of digital security, infrastructure security and the public safety. 
  3. Preventive and personalized medicine. This thematic area aims to obtain knowledge and develop new approaches about chronic diseases prevention and personalized patient care. 
  4. Culture, migration and inclusive society. This thematic area addresses various aspects of change of cultural-social environment in the Baltic region and Scandinavia tackling challenges that raises from globalization, migration, inequalities and segregation. 
  5. Economic, social challenges and innovative society. This thematic area contributes towards exploring processes of social and economic development and tackling challenges to sustainable growth, social inclusion and public services.

More information

See the call for propsals.

You can also read more about the EEA grants at the Research Council's webpages

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