IdeaLab "Cities for the future: services and solutions"

The IdeaLab call "Cities for the future: services and solutions" is now open. The goal of the IdeaLab is to develop ground-breaking, interdisciplinary research project ideas for services and solutions for the cities in 2040.

Cities for the future: services and solutions

The objective of this workshop will be to encourage participants to think outside the box about solutions, services and technologies aimed at organising cities and urban areas as good places to live and work in 2040.

The event will provide an unconventional space for experts from a variety of backgrounds to meet and develop new ideas that support cities of the future in addressing unforeseen challenges bound to arise.

What is an IdeaLab?

IdeaLab is designed to develop ground-breaking research and innovation projects. The main element of the IdeaLab is an interactive workshop involving around 30 participants, a team of external experts and stakeholders.

Over a five-day period, the cross-disciplinary group exchanges ideas and reconceives the world from new perspectives that challenge current approaches. They then hammer out research projects that have the potential to generate new solutions. Some of these projects are subsequently funded. 

The IdeaLab is organised in Otwock, Mazovian Voivodeship (close to Warsaw), Poland from 2 to 6 March 2020. Selected participants are required to attend the entire IdeaLab.

More information

See the call for propsals.

You can also read more about the EEA grants at the Research Council's webpages

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