UiO:Energy Thematic Research Groups (TRG)

UiO:Energy funds the development of Thematic Research Groups (TRG) aimed at addressing challenges related to the transition towards more sustainable energy systems and societies.

The TRGs shall contribute towards the development of an interdisciplinary culture as well as partnerships between researchers at UiO. It is also desirable that the Thematic Research Groups foster collaborations with international research groups and external stakeholders from the industry, governmental bodies or the society at large. The Thematic Research Groups should be seen as a step towards larger, interdisciplinary UiO:Energy Convergence Environments.

The overarching goal of the TRGs is to strengthen interdisciplinary research and dissemination of knowledge within a specific thematic area related to sustainable energy and/or the energy transition.

Funding from UiO:Energy: 2MNOK/year, 2 years.

More information

See the call at UiO:Energy.

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