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Digitalisation of the Public Sector

NordForsk is now issuing a call for proposals for research and innovation projects on digitalisation of the public sector. The call has a budget of EUR 7,4 million.

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The Nordic region is high-performing and digitally mature with regards to the public sector. However, it is a strong political imperative in the Nordic countries, as well as in Estonia, Latvia and the United Kingdom, to further improve the efficiency, effectiveness and governance of public services design, infrastructure and delivery by means of additional digitalisation. This includes aspects such as public infrastructure and foundational services, service design, service development and delivery, service automation and self-enablement, etc.

Aim of the call

The Digitalisation Programme focuses on three interrelated areas that enable and shape the digital transformation of the public sector: (1) the enabling factors of digitalisation; (2) digital innovation; and (3) society and the end-user perspective. The overarching aim of the call is to combine and integrate knowledge-based, digital innovation efforts related to the public sector with research on the related drivers, effects and impact on society and end-users.


The maximum amount of funding available per project is EUR 1 million. Projects are expected to run for maximum three years. 

Projects must consist of participants from at least three co-funding countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Latvia or Estonia), of which at least two must be Nordic co-funding countries. 

More information

See the call at NordForsk.

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