Exploring disrespect and abuse in maternal unit of St. Paul Hospital, Addis Ababa and Jimma specialized teaching hospital in Ethiopia.

Facility delivery rates in Sub-Saharan Africa are low, average 48 %, in Ethiopia at 26. The current aims are to identify and explore disrespect and abuse of women during child birth. A systematic review will be conducted identifying existing qualitative studies in developing countries. In the second and third phase descriptive qualitative design; participant observation, focus group discussion and in-depth interview will be conducted in Ethiopia from October 2017 – January 2018. Purposive sampling technique will be utilized and sample size determined based on data saturation; pregnant mothers in labor will be included for participant observation, postnatal mother recruited for in-depth interview and focus group discussion and health care provider will be recruited for in-depth interview. Observations of care start at admission of women in labor until transfer to postnatal ward. All observations will be charted. Focus group discussions and provider interviews will be guided by a semi-structured guide and audio-recorded. Raw data from field notes combined with transcriptions of audio recordings will be sorted, classified and coded and a thematic analysis approach will be used. Informed consent will be obtained from the study participants before the study commenced. All records will be kept confidential and stored in locked cabinet, no names or personal details will be recorded in the notes, and data will be identified by unique participant code each electronic data file will be password protected.

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Jeanette H. Magnus

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