Antibiotic prescription patterns among primary care physicians in Norway on the basis of immigrant status and country of education

Background: Antibiotic resistance is an increasing problem, and one of the biggest health threats in the world, according to the WHO. Almost half of current Norwegian medical students today study abroad, most of them in countries with a liberal antibiotic prescription practice. Also, one in five RGPs in Norway are immigrants.

Methods/Design: The project is planned as a three-part registry study based on data from all RGP-consultations in Norway in 2008, followed up by a qualitative study using semi structured  interviews of RGPs with diverse immigrant and non-immigrant background. We plan to interview 15 RGPs with the possibility to increase the number to reach saturation.

In the descriptive part of the project, we plan to study the total prescription of antibiotics, prescription of antibiotics for respiratory tract infection and prescription of antibiotics for urinary tract infection respectively. In each of the sub-studies we will analyze both the prescription of all relevant antibiotics and percentage broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Results: Our hypothesis is that RGPs who are trained in countries with a liberal prescribing practice continue with their former practice when they start to work in Norway. We will focus on both prescribing versus non-prescribing, and narrow spectrum versus broad spectrum.

The results from this study will be a contribution to the work of identifying causes of incorrect antibiotic prescription.


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