ROSA 4: Clinical inertia as a factor contributing to poor glycemic control/high risk of complications

The present study opts to study Norwegian real-world data from the ROSA 4 diabetes data base linked to Statistics Norway (SSB) data on patient socio-economy and ethnicity. In this dataset we will examine how patient-, doctor and clinic-related factors may influence the achieved quality of early anti-hyperglycemic treatment. This will be assessed first by attained HbA1c level prior to metformin initiation and how intensification is performed (e.g. factors affecting timely treatment change), and the HbA1c level achieved within the first year after performing each of these first two steps in the anti-diabetic treatment cascade (e.g. factors affecting glycemic outcome after each treatment change). We will also perform a descriptive analysis of the types of anti-diabetic drugs including insulin, used as first add-on to metformin and we will examine possible associations between patient-, doctor- and clinic-factors and the choice of the first add-on to metformin anti-diabetic drug.

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Anne Karen Jenum

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  • Start: april 2016
  • Slutt: desember 2020
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