Facilitating targeted community prevention of type 2 diabetes – using information from pregnancy and postpartum to identify women at high risk

Antenatal care, prevention and treatment of T2D are responsibilities for the community health services. City districts in Groruddalen have for 20 years been strongly involved in health promotion and strategies to reduce social and ethnic differences in health, both at Child Health Clinics and “Healthy Life Centres” in collaboration with the University of Oslo (UiO). Local community leaders and primary health care personnel in antenatal care and health services for children have expressed a need for tools to identify women that would benefit from targeted interventions. This innovative project addresses aims to improve their physical and mental health and living conditions through coordinated actions in the communities, and has a strong user involvement. We will:

  1. Use data from a high-quality population-based cohort study of pregnant women (mean age 30 years) – 59%  ethnic minorities, the STORK Groruddalen study (STORK G-1) 5.
  2. In close collaboration with local community partners (Grorud, Stovner and Bjerke city districts) invite participants still living in Norway for a follow-up investigation 10 years after the index pregnancy, to assess T2D incidence (STORK G-2) and related health issues.
  3. Based on data from STORK G-1 and STORK G-2, develop a tool to identify, in the postpartum period, women who, 10 years after the index pregnancy, have a high risk of developing prediabetes and T2D, that can be offered targeted prevention at the HLCs.

This postdoc project will benefit all user groups: participating women and new generations of pregnant women, our community partners, health personnel, and local and national policy makers. The tool, combined with targeted individual and group-based interventions to improve physical and mental health, has a potentially large impact, by facilitating integration, improved living conditions and reduced unjust and unnecessary social and ethnic health differences

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Anne Karen Jenum

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  • Start: april 2019
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