Follow-up of cancer patients in primary health care.


Follow-up of cancer patients accounts for a substantial part of outpatient activity in hospitals. Alternative models of care are developing, and in some countries follow-up is partly done in primary care, mainly in breast- and colorectal cancer.

In this study we will explore gynaecological cancer patients’ expectations regarding their future follow-up and their thoughts regarding beeing followed by their regular general practitioner (GP). Further, we will ask about the GPs’ experience with and views on cancer follow-up in general, and especially focus on their willingness to follow gynaecological cancer patients. The study will focus on the cooperation aspect between primary and secondary care levels that are necessary for making a change in surveillance of this patient group possible and safe, as well as acceptable both for patients and doctors.

We hypothize that patients will in fact gain from beeing followed by their regular GP, because of increased continuity and comprehensiveness of care. Capacity in outpatient departments will oncrease, so that patient who need rapid access can be better dealt with.

On the other hand: if reorganisations are made which lead to new responsibilities and increased workload for GPs, it is essential that they feel competent and comfortable with these changes. And patients must feel safe and well take care of. Otherwise the reorganisation will fail, despite good intentions.

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Mette Brekke

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  • Heidi Lidal Fidjeland
  • Ingvild Vistad (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Sørlandet Hospital Kristiansand, Norway)


  • Ph.d.-prosjekt

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  • Start: august 2013
  • Slutt: juni 2020