STORK G: Gestational diabetes and offspring’s adiposity. A possible role for maternal folate and vitamin B12 status and epigenetics

This project is leKåre I Birkeland, a member of the Steering committee of the STORK G prosjekt - and was prirmarily achored at OUS, in close collaboration with UiO. It covers Christine Sommers PhD project, Gunn-Helen Øistad Moens PhD prosjekt (Elisabeth Qcigstad) as main supervisor, one student project and one Master project, and international collaboration with Leif Groop and his group at the University of Lund, Sweden

The project will provide new knowledge on the relationship between maternal serum levels of vitamin B12 and folate, DNA methylation in WBC and placenta and their association with gestational diabetes and offspring’s birth weight and body composition at birth, by

  • exploring how serum levels of vitamin B12 and folate in pregnant women are related to risk of GDM and offspring’s body composition, and whether these mechanisms are mediated by epigenetic modifications of candidate genes in WBC and placenta tissue
  • exploring whether ethnic and socio-economic differences in DNA methylation patterns may explain some of the observed ethnic differences in GDM risk in healthy pregnant women.

    The ultimate goal is to  develop  prevention strategies, across ethnic origin and socio-economic position, to decrease the risk of obesity, incident T2DM and cardiovascular disease.

    Research questions

  • Can we identify epigenetic factors with major influence on relevant outcomes that are suitable for risk prediction and/or therapeutic interventions?
  • Is maternal serum level of vitamin B12 and folate related to methylation status of major candidate genes and thereby to risk of GDM and offspring’s birth weight and body composition?
  • How does ethnicity and socio-economic status modify epigenetic risk factors for GDM and other outcomes?

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Anne Karen Jenum

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  • Kåre I. Birkeland
  • Helga Refsum
  • Christine Sommer (OUS)
  • Line Sletner (AHUS)
  • Leif Groop (Universitetet i Lund)
  • Gunn-Helen Øiseth Moen (OUS)
  • Elisabeth Qvigstad (OUS)
  • Nadezhda Kiryushchenko (Masterstud)
  • Julia Onsrud Opsahl (UiO - Forskerlinjestud)
  • Rashmi Prashad (Universitetet i Lund)
  • Sindre Lee-Ødegaard (Universitetet i Oslo)


  • Studentprosjekt – Bachelor-, master- eller spesialistoppgave
  • Ph.d.-prosjekt
  • Forskerprosjekt

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