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Thyroid disorders during pregnancy and postpartum in a multiethnic population

Aims:  To investigate
1) The prevalence and cofactors of thyroid diseases in early pregnancy (gestational week GW14 and 28) in women participating in the STORK Groruddalen-study.
2) The prevalence of postpartum thyroiditis 3 months after delivery.
3) Other variables that influence thyroid function in women participating in the STORK Groruddalen-study, primarily iodine status.

Material and methods: The STORK Groruddalen study is a population based cohort study in women attending gestational health controls at the community health centers in the areas Bjerke, Stovner and Grorud in Oslo. The data were collected in GW 14, 28 and 3 months after delivery (2008-2011). Eight hundred and twenty pregnant women where as 59% non-Caucasian pregnant women were included (74% of patients referred to health care). Participants were representative for the major ethnic minorities in Norway. The data have shown to be of high quality and includes a broad range of health associated factors including thyroid function tests (FT4, TSH, anti-TPO) from GW 14 and 28 (n= 820), and 3 months postpartum in 80% of the participants. Five hundred samples are tested for urinary iodine levels, and additionally 100 samples will be analyzed. Furthermore, we have available data on birth weight, length and body composition for 794 live born offspring

Endpoint for three subprojects:

  1. Prevalence of iodine deficiency and repletion in women in early pregnancy and its influence on thyroid function (master student project).
  2. Prevalence of hypothyroidism /hyperthyroidism in early pregnancy.
  3. Prevalence of postpartum thyroiditis 3 months after delivery (Master student project).




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Anne Karen Jenum

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  • Start: juni 2018
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