Gestational diabetes (GDM) is hyperglycaemia first recognized in pregnancy. Although normoglycaemia usually ensues after birth, the mother has extensive risk of future type 2 diabetes (T2D). GDM is a highly valuable model to study T2D, as they share many pathophysiologic and genetic features. Pregnant women also provide a diabetes model with a lower degree of immediate confounding by smoking and alcohol consumption, known to affect DNA methylation. Epigenome-wide association studies (EWAS) explores the association between a trait and DNA methylation at CpG sites across the entire genome. Currently, only two papers report EWAS of GDM, with very limited sample size (n=16 and n=22). We have quantified epigenome-wide DNA methylation in all Europeans (n=312) and South Asians (n=168) in the STORK Groruddalen cohort. Our unique population-based sample for EWAS enable the study of several exposures and outcomes. We will also identify cohorts with similar data and perform meta-analyses of these to increase the statistical power. We will verify our results in vitro in human myotubes and adipocytes, and explore whether silencing of the promoter region relative to the CpG hits lead to change in glucose and lipid metabolism, insulin signalling. This project will increase our understanding about the underlying mechanisms of how lifestyle, genetics and epigenetics are associated with development of GDM, to ultimately improve diabetes prevention and pharmacological treatment strategies, and delay onset. EPIPREG will increase our understanding of how epigenome-wide DNA methylation in maternal white blood cells is related to GDM, and the diabetes related risk factors physical activity and diet.

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Bruker data fra STORK G som har konsesjon fra 2007, fornyet i 2017, så prosjektet kommer inn under UiO sin overgangsordning

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